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Epic Revenge


So the story is, the kid on the right has been bullied for years, and he finally snapped. Unofrtunately, he's the one who got suspended, the bully got a slap on the wrist, but then again I don't think he's quite right in the head anymore either...


If it all was like you said (that he was bullied a lot) then that was wonderful and truly heartwarming. I hope the usupension wasn't too long. It'll help add to this kid's image when he comes back. He will no longer be bullied.

It may seem impossible for a big kid like that to get bullied, but I know that if a small kid can see that a big kid is timid, then he'll be happy to take advantage of that.


Was a pretty funny bodyslam. Shame it's been removed already.

Indeed Nards. The baws on some kids who get away with stuff like this are pretty big. Which is why it's refreshing to see the underdog, hopefully in this case, come out on top.

If it truly was a bullying incident then hopefully the big lad will have gained a bit of confidence and enough of a name for himself to avoid crap like that happening to him again, in that school at least.


http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1791975309#!/video/video.php?v=157762297615657&comments a facebook link, should be up for a while.


That was awesome, he broke that little shit.


Well done that big lad.


That guy gets a 2011 Zangief Award nomination for most devastating slam!!


It says on that facebook link that they're in high school!

I thought that the big kid was just a big kid, like 12 or maybe 13. I guess they're a couple of years older than that. So that little bully kid is abysmally thin.


I cannot believe the kid got suspended for CLEARLY defending himself.

That school sucks.


He is clearly getting punched in the face. He even allowed the first couple to go with no reaction at all. I hate the school discipline system.


i think if the school governers see that, they'll change their minds


I was that fat kid at school as well. Quiet timid but always bigger than everyone.

One lanky kid always use to give me shit everyday in high school for about 3 years n i always let it slide, one day he was giving me shit so i threw him onto my shoulder and sprinted at a cast iron drain pipe n wiped him out (kinda like they do on Raw into the ring post)

He only had nice things to say to me from then on!


I defended myself in grade 8 once.

While in gym class and everyone's clothes where in the change room i put a fart bomb in his pant pocket which happen to also make a big wet mess in his pants.

Oh and I also punched him in the face. He was really nice to me after that.

EDIT: I was sent to the principle's office and almost kicked off the grade 8 graduation trip


new link


For all of us fat kids that were picked on and where too timid to react, I think this kid has done us proud.


I'm going to have to assume the disciplinarians didn't see this video. If they did, maybe he should bodyslam their asses next. Well played, my man.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! That was awesome! +1 for the fat kid.


I was so confused by that video (didnt make the connection that the little guy was the bully at first) I thought the "sticking up for himself" was the little guy getting scrappy.... untill he got his ass bodyslammed lol

that was awesome. I dont think that fat kid will be getting picked on anymore. Good for him. he went all "Hulk Smash" on that scrawny punk


Lol, goddamn that kid threw down.

I love that the bully got his, but something like that could seriously fuck him up. I hope the kid didn't end up with some fucked up vertebrae, haha.

Great way to send a message though.


I wouldn't wish the kid a fucked up vertebrae, but a broken leg would probably teach him a nice lesson.