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Epic Revenge 2.0?



I find her hoodie ironic.


That teacher knocked at least 25% off her power bar. She'll need about a dozen Cadbury creme eggs to replenish what was lost.


She fell soft as hell, she can thank her fat armor for that.


Damn already taken down!


I'll supplant the OP with another video.

Real or staged?


Man more bullies popping up everyday


I edited the OP with a new source


I could tell they were acting. I'd bet a beer on it.


^^ I can't stand Jonah Hill.


Hell yes.

The rage that was building up for the first 2 minutes of that encounter was let loose in a 20 second flurry of doom

Satisfaction right there.


56 ground-n-pound punches that went unanswered. He had more in the tank but decided to save it for some other bully he'll probably beat down between Maths and English.


Kid must have some wrestling and/or MMA experience. That was a textbook beatdown.


Ha. The crappy cell phone video made it even better. Dude had the Matrix hands working there.


I wonder if the teacher got fired/arrested.


The female one? She made a pretty half-assed attempt to intervene.


Why didn't anyone else help? I would have pushed that bitch over as well....if I could tho. The teacher looked like he had a velocity needed to knock her over.



Good on that teacher. For a moment, I thought the girl would turn against the female teacher for interfering.


I'd bet money he got fired.


What is with those small boys attacking the big ones these days??

And well done. He'd got what he deserved. Grounded and well pounded. It was almost like watching a MMA fight. You can tell the guy being provoked had reached his boiling point.