Epic Paul Hunt Fail

I dont think Ill ever look at gymnastics the same way


I just lost my appetite…

A) What in the hell were you doing that led you to find a video like this?

B) What made you think it would be a good idea to post it on this site?

What a fucking idiot!..funny…but he is still an idiot!

I’ll never look at gymnastics again.

That was actually a pretty cool routine. He obviously knew what he was doing and has done gymnastics, at least the high bar before.

Awesome stache.

I lol’d.
Gymnasts always amaze me with the control that they have of their body and momentum. And with a tutu it becomes even more respectable.

lol. Loved that. It almost came off like a parody of female gymnasts. lol. It’s always funny when men dress like women and do things that women do but in a way that dudes do it. :slight_smile:

For some reason it cracks me up. I used to think the Kids in the Hall and Monthy Python sketches were really funny too.