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Epic Moment.


So, I'm sitting here watching Brave Heart for the first time in 5 years. At several instances during the film, I experienced a twinge of eerie da-ja-vu that I couldn't quit put a finger on. Then,at what is perhaps the very climax of the film-when William has been blown away by seeing Robert the Bruce as his betrayer-IT HITS ME! The theme music that plays throughout the length of the Brave Heart film is, in fact, the main theme( also known as "The Anvil of Crom") from CONAN THE BARBARIAN!!!!! Its confirmed. I checked it. It is the melody that Basil Paleouris penned for the 1982 film. How did it come to be in Brave Heart? This I do not know. Its either by generous permission or extraordinary plagiarism. Any thoughts?


So somebody used a song in two movies? Fuck, we lose...




I think a MLIA is more appropriate


I thought you were going to say that you were william wallace in a past life or something. this thread sucks.


a car salesman I knew is named william wallace, it was crazy. My nickname in boot camp was william wallace as well, because apparantly when i scream, it sounds scottish.


Screamed a lot in boot camp, did ya?


What was your major malfunction Pyle.Anyway when they were airing the Troy Polamalu vs Tomlinson commercial last year that song was driving me nuts, then when I was watching the Good,the Bad and Ugly...again I let out a FUCK THAT'S THE SONG,the cat went flying off the couch.Kinda the same thing.


See, I actually find that interesting. Makes me want to go watch Conan again.