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Just wanted to throw it out there that i'm currently hosting BugAD, DOH_Crazy, and WaylanderX at my apt.

epic week will be epic


Pics or it didn't happen...


Awesomeness. I expect to see pictures of crying buffet owners, the ripping of stopsigns from the ground, and a lunk alarm video. Get on it. hahah. Should be easy enough for 4 of T-Nation's biggest/younger posters.


If at least one of you guys doesn't end up in rehab, indicted for felony sexual assault charges or contract a mild STD, I'll feel let down.


I must have missed the invite...




Better yet, get your asses to Planet Fitness. No excuses this time!


Last time we said, "pics or it didn't happen," Holymac never posted in the thread again.

Pansy ass.


I know you guys can fit one more in that tub somehow!


Me too :(, Hi HolyMac!

Fuzzy, you see the BF3 video? /End hijack


It is my understanding that only two of them are going to work out...

Wagers on which two?


I'd bet DOH and Holymac if only two of them are working out, only beause Bug and Way have been leaning up and are probably more likely to enjoy some time to relax.
Then again, just as easily it could be Bug and Way if they're trying to remain strict throughout the break.

Or i could be completely wrong. hahha.


the weekend should be something like this....


....but more than likely it'll be more along the lines of this.


I've only had a boner since watching the video. The 2nd part is coming to youtube on the 16th and so continues the hard on. I've buying my brothers PC to nerd out on it in all its glory.

P.S. we should play BBC2 together then create a thread about hanging out via the internets :wink:


Send me a PM when youre gonna be on this week and Ill try and get on too.






Holy shit. I never really appreciated Waylanders size until I've seen him next to some dense motherfuckers like ye.

Can imagine some of the faces in that gym when you guys showed up in a group.