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Epic Meal Time


From our French-Canadian Youtube friends in 720p+

The Worst Pizza Ever

The Greasiest Sandwich Ever

The Death of the Double Down

Massive Meat Log (yea I said it)

TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving (my personal favorite)

Breakfast of Booze (close second)

Fast Food Sushi

Meatball Deathstar

Slaughterhouse Christmas Special

The Black Crepe Legend

Epic Eggroll

"Are we in heaven? Cuz it's snowing bacon."


Chili Four Loko


I want to bang the meat log girl. Whatcha know about dying?


The reply:


that guy cracks me up...whachooknowboutdat?


That parody was awful.

Good thing Epic Meal Time built a fortress to keep out the haters. Fuckin' Smart.


I thought the parody was funny and well-executed. To each his own. I ain't even mad.


Meh, it was alright. I prefer bacon strips.


If they got rid of the being vegan is so awesome part it would be pretty dead on. They're next video will be them eating each other's meat log, have to watch it on porntube though.


two LUL-filled moments i most enjoyed:
1) the guys sitting in a group watching the meatlog girl plus the napkin eating
2) the beginning on the xmas one "big bag of chrsitmas meats. ground pork, sausages, ham, bacon, bacon.... bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon"


What up ribs


I can't imagine what these guys do in the bathroom after a meal like this...


It seems like the main ingredients of their food were smugness and self-satisfaction.


Meat Salad


Is screaming for misinterpretation.

The girl in the meat log spot is secksay fo sho.


I think the epic eggroll is the best one


Just read what is written in the description part
Of the massivr meat log


Epic Mealtime Showdown of AWESOME

last couple have been a little weak, hope they'll deliver next Tuesday




I think the black legend is one of the sexiest videos I've ever seen...