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Epic Kid Fight


apologies if this is a repost. I thought T-Nation would get a kick out of this.


hahahahaha that was awesome! weakest fight ever

"say goodnight bitch!" lulz!



So many things to laugh at here


Man, when I was 14 I could fuck up a couple of kids that fucking weak. Their not even strong enough to hurt each other. America: look at our future generations. We suck.





...says the 28 year old who doesn't know the difference between "there", "they're", and "their."


That was just sad they where pink and soft just sad. They should star in the new planet fitness commercial this is what you can achieve


Maybe knowing the difference isnt importatnt to his job?


Did those two crackas actually call each other the "n" word?



My three year old hits harder than those two.


am i the only one who thinks that was obviously fake?


yes... yes you are


It was like watching two gay manatees mating in slow-motion.


youd think in 5mins one of them would get a decent blow, i didnt even see a cut lip!


Uncoordinated fat kid MMA should be a new sport, make them fight over a box of Twinkies.


HAHA! @4:10 he goes "you're so fucking ugly, you ginger fuck"

That was AWESOME!

Now go over to each other's houses and play PS3 all night, while jerking each other off


Damn it. Well, I gotta a bachelors so I'm egdimacated.


Since when could 12 year olds get tattoos?


"Give me one reason why I shouldn't stick you."

"Do it if you want."

hahaha, thanks for posting that, made my day.


That's what I was thinking too. I thought these kids were like 15 then you see that guy has a bunch of tats. Seems like the older I get the worse I am at telling a kid's age.