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I just witnessed the most rediculous thing i may have ever seen in the gym. about 45 min ago i just watched some kid about 6'3 265 lbs just bench 545 for 3 reps. He was 20 years old ( I asked him). He was a black kid that had so much blood flow in his muscles and face he actually looked red, the blood look like it was gonna bust through his skin.

It got me thinking, what kind of dose of testosterone would allow you to get that strong? Obviously he is doing way to much for probably way to long but boy was it shocking to see!


should have got it on video.


Wtf is this shit?

This isnt a forum to exchange gossip.


Get a life... the forum that is...


I know a 19 year old whos 5'6 about 250, can shoulder press 3 plates standing for 15 easy as hasnt touch the stuff


genetics not more roids is what allows him to do that

I really doubt you saw a 20 year old kid repping near 550lbs though.


None, or I'd have been doing that a long time ago. And so would a whole shitload of other guys.

And what is a "rediculous?" All I can tell is a big squiggly red line appears under it when I type it.

And what shizen and Bonez said.


You understand it when you get older.
+1 for the gossip forum tough.