Epic Game for the Bored!

OMG…fun…annoyingly fun! EPIC.

Now beat this.

[quote]Annihilator wrote:
Now beat this.[/quote]

I’m not even going to try…

11k on my 3rd go. Good enough for me.

50 k. Damn!

I have over 200k, theres not competition bud =p
Then again, i have bought the upgraded cannon

Err Nm, I misread that number, 700k? Lol ugh dont make me try to beat that, i essentially bought the end cannon, fired it once, and was like BAM beat my old score, im good/done

Ugh, may make another attempt later. Man this wastes a lot of time.

I’ve had into the 900k’s

Prepare to be crushed.

Pretty fun though…

bought all the stuff, reached over 700k. Now I’m done

701.5 first try… there is this other game that’s soooo much better Yeti Sports!!

I like the albetros and flamingo drive ones are the funnest.

yetisports.org is the legit site, tons more games on that site as well.

Okay this is getting idiotic. What’s up with my posts?

Beat 717k?

I fucking crushed it


My mature response.

I just got 900k, but I’ve wasted 3 hours of my life playing a stupid flash game. FML.