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Epic Fail - Physical Fitness Class


This is a slide from my Gen Ed concepts of physical fitness class. Yes I am at a four year college and yes this professor is 50+ lbs overweight. No, this is not the only thing he has been wrong about and I have corrected him about in class.

Anabolic steroids (similar to testosterone) â?? These are both illegal and dangerous. Injuries happen more quickly and last longer (heal slower).

â??Androâ?? has been banned â?? legal but unsafe. Artificial Testosterone.

HGH â?? Human Growth Hormone. More dangerous than steroids. Can shorten your life span by 20 years, produce â??giantismâ??, cardio diseases, and deformities.

Creatine â?? Food supplements allow quicker recovery. Causes dehydration and cramping. Long term effects are unknown but there are major concerns.


Lol. That's pretty bad. Technically the creatine point could be partially true. It makes you retain more water, and if you didn't intake enough liquid those symptoms could happen. The rest of it is pretty much b.s.


I notice when I'm taking creatine and I dont drink lots of water I will get hand cramping.

But OP were you really surprised that teachers/professors dont know what they are talking about when it comes to weightlifting and supplementation? lol


Ah shit, son......... Looks like teh creatinez been givin u da rage! Betta quit dat, me an mah boyz got tits off dat. Truth.


HgH has been linked to gigantism, cardiac diseases and deformities...typically this is when it is unchecked within the endocrine system, or not cycled. I'm guessing your prof probably meant these as cautionary tales/worst case scenarios, kinda like using marijuana could cause you to end up like the people on Reefer Madness.

If it was given as a be all end all, then sorry, that's the war on ergogenic aids. Sounds like he may have gotten his steroids confused a bit too, corticosteroids vs anabolic steroids. Ahh well, the more you know, the more you realize how much misinformation is out there.


Dude your Avi is fucking funny.


I thought hgh is anti-aging...so wouldnt u live longer.....a phys-ed degree essentially means nothing except for the earner of the degree to act like a know-it-all jackass


If someone talks about a drug and makes no mention of how much, how long, and who its being given to for what reason DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.

Self prescribed hGH can have side effects like any other drug that is abused can have