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Epic Charlie Sheen



"I have tiger blood man.."

Holy shit....


I've been hearing this played on the radio all morning... dude has seriously lost it


Sounds like he's been hanging out with Busey.


He just sounds like a guy who has been through some serious shit, makes no apologies, and is laughing at the how much people seem to think that what the fuck goes on in his life is so important.



I think he's just living it up, let the guy get on with it.



This is so ficking REAL.

Never fly straight Big Boy!!!


I'd actually LOVE 5 or 6 more guys like him around.


that's how he rolls! he doesn't sound clean in that video...

he just took the ex wife, girlfriend and porn star away for some holiday fun!



Seriously, why is this woman grilling him like he's forced coke on her kids?

If the guy wants to go out and have fun, let him do it. He doesn't sound like someone that is regretting what he does nor does he give a fuck what they think.


Eh, he does sound mildly crazy. "I' make them look like droopy armless children", WTF?

But, he sounds really fun and I'd bet most people here would kill to party with him.


"Im bi-winning" haha


I'm going to miss 2.5 men


more of the interview

I love how he's smoking through it, it screams I DONT GIVE A FUCK


Send him to Canada before the Hollywood star whackers get to him.


Something's snapped for sure haha, but I agree whatever floats your boat.


I have a feeling that the droopy-eyes armless children line is going to be quoted a lot in the days and weeks and possibly years to come. That is fucking gold.


I simply love how she cannot wrap her head around him not telling her about his fucked up childhood, or that he is sorry, or that he feels responsible for someone elses actions and of course the smoking.

Bonus points for the people who are "reaching out to him", cause yeah, those are the people I would look to for advice on mental health and stability.


Could you handle him?

Not you personally, but Canada as a whole?

The swear words ratio alone would probably triple the second he crosses the border.

I think he should flee to Mexico, theres no use in smugling all that dope up when he can just move down.


We'd make him a citizen and give him honourary degrees and shit :smiley:

And then can hang out with Tommy Chong and Randy Quaid.