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Epic Bodybuilding Compilations


someone posted these on BB.com. They are awesome for motivation.


The intro to the first one is amazing. Excellent quote and perfect music choice, in my mind.

The couple clips of Kai are great, as well... I love watching him train because he fucking radiates intensity.


Damn, those were all really fucking good.

Thanks man.

And a random thought I had while watching those was that I don't know why, but whenever I saw Wolf, and sometimes Victor, I just felt like they were less impressive than some of the other guys.


Just got back from gym and watched these while eating my steak and pasta haha, shit it makes you feel like driving straight back there and training EVERY muscle on you...

Awesome 1st vid, cutler looks pretty impressive in the linked video 'cutler all access HD' especially his quads...

I love phil heaths screaming most muscular though, its quality.


x2 the fuckin first one with the intro is epic. Man Kevin levrone looked beastly in those clips!


the second video, how badass are the guys in the wheel chairs? gawddamn no excuse to slack off


speaking of kai, this guy is strong as a horse http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/2229/225/