Epic Beard Thread

Fall is officially two days away but I just couldn’t wait. It’s my favorite time of year, cool air, hunting season, pretty colors,apple and pumpkin pie, - and my favorite part - guys start growing their facial hair and suddenly become attractive.

So, manly men of TNation, lets see those beards and moustaches!!!


[quote]GeneticSynergy9 wrote:

Ready for November!

2nd try

Dissertation beard, 2 months grown and will be growing it until the May hand in.

This was a couple weeks ago - it is getting more Duck Dynasty by the day now.

So jealous. I am forced to shave the beard once a month. But this was before my last shearing.

I personally don’t have a beard to share but this girl does!

I’m still waiting on puberty to kick in which should be in about a month or so then I will start growing my beard.

As of a few minutes ago:

You are a little early for the southern boys. Its too insanely hot still to start growing a beard. I will return about mid Nov.

I’ll probably grow mine out again in a month when I go on vacation. I had to keep it nicely trimmed for work though.

This was from a few years ago, but it was about 3 months or so worth of growth.

another for good measure. I need to injure myself again so i can grow another disability beard, lol.

Hunting beard.

I usually start mine in NoShaveNovember and cut it in May or June when it starts getting hot. I’ll check back later.

[quote]Steel Nation wrote:
Hunting beard.[/quote]

Nice archery buck, whacked in PA?

[quote]Steel Nation wrote:
Hunting beard.[/quote]

Awesome man! Did you already get your deer this early in the season? Didn’t it just start September 15… or is this a previous year?

Also, you do realize you owe an obligatory tale of the hunt and I’d be curious to know what your gear is!

I have this all year.