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Epi, Test P, NPP, Mast E. Critique My Cycle


Good morning to all the jacked and tanned brothers out there. Im looking for some honest thoughts about an upcoming cycle i have planned, right now im on a cut till mid January then plan to go maintenence calories till Feburary.13 where i will start to bump up my calories and start this cycle. I had another cycle planned but dont want to be on for 16+ weeks.
Here goes

1-9 MAST E 120MG EOD (420MG/WK)
1-10 NPP 130MG EOD (455MG/WK)
1-10 TEST P 100MG EOD (350MG/WK)
1-11 CABER .5MG 2X/WK
1-11 ADEX .5MG EOD
3-11 HCG 250IU 2X/WK

CLOMID 75/50/50/50/25

24 years old
2 test p/dbol cycles in the past
Bodyfat - 10% (when i finish this cut)
Weight - 170lbs (also after cut)
Hight - 5’ 7"

Max lifts
Bench - 305
Squat - 455
Deadlift - 505

If anybody would care to chime in and give better suggestions id appreciate it. Thanks bros


Really, nobody?


wondering why throw mast and npp in the same cycle
using DHT to prevent gyno ?


Thats part of it, although i might need to up the dosage. The other reason is having a 19nor, dht derivitive, and low test should keep me lean and keep off more water. Ive also read they have a synergistic effect. If my diet is spot on and very clean (allowing 1 cheat meal per week) i feel i should have much less water retention as NPP is known to retain less water than deca… i also have more than enough winstrol depot and tabs on hand if anyone thinks it would be a much better idea but I really was hoping to use the epi as i have about 300 15mg caps chillin that i wouldnt mind using


looks good except the mast, to me it is a waste of money and i would only use it for the dry look even when it comes to an anti estro it isint that great as aromasin


same thought here
in my opinion, mast is only for athletic look…
stack it with npp is totally a waste


Would the masteron not help with keeping me more lean and dry or at least increase vaculairity and lower SHGB, or just a waste? I’ve read a few cycle logs where mast was added in with npp and kickstarted with winstrol and had nice results. Have you ran this stack yourself? Im a very indecisive person and i gotta know my cycle is 100% perfected lol


I am still planning my may cycle, and had similar thought, npp,test p, mast eod . Orals interact with one of my scripts.
How about npp, test p, winny eod.


Ok so ill drop the mast and im going to run the epi for an extra week, its solved and simplified and ill use the mast when im doing a cutting cycle. Thank you for your help guys.


I like it. I have no experience or suggestion on the epi though. I’d run the test at least a few days longer than the npp and really a week or two to have a better recovery and less issues coming off.

Keep the mast in my opinion- test mast npp is an amazing cycle; great feeling, mood, look, cleaness, etc. It’s not necessary if price is a concern though, but is a great compliment. I’d rather run npp/mast than tren unless I had a good reason.


Money is no issue really. Lol now you got me going buddy! I have a great source with surprisingly good prices. (Already have everything+a bit) Maybe run the mast e and npp from weeks 1-10 and the test p from 1-12? Ive never ran epi myself but bought a few bottles before the ph ban (although epi is a designer steroid and not a ph) some people compare to the likes of winny. Decisions decisions. Thank God i got 2 months till i push the plunger. Thats the thing too, i was going to run tren ace but want to wait on that till i have more cycles under my belt.


I like it!
Btw, why not mast p, is it because you already have the e?


Yeah i have 2 10ml vials of mast e 200 and 1 vial mast p 100. I could use the mast prop to finish off the last 2 weeks. My diet is dialed in and im carb cycling leading into this cycle and will be staying lean, i think the mast will show. Im ready for it


Hey dudes, Im just finishing up week 6 of this cycle and ive hit a plateau. Ive gone from 175 to 185 while staying lean but in the past 2 weeks the weight isnt coming. Im strong as a bull hitting PRs every week and calories are at 3500 with 45% carbs, 20% fats, and 35% protein but the scale isnt budging. Can anyone offer some advice on getting the scale to start moving again? I just upped my calories to 3800 but other than that idk