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Epi & Hdrol Stack Question


I've read up on here alot and couldn't find nothing about when to take your stacks. I'm new to this site but have read alot of your posts and find them very useful. I was curious to see what you guys thought would be the best time to take Epi/Hdrol if I'm going to the gym at 9 pm.? I'm taking 35mg/epi and 75mg/Hdrol.



I'm pretty much wondering if you want to spread them out throughout the day and do you want to take any as a post. I've made a point of getting my eating and exercising right before I even considered doing a stack. I don't want to be sloppy about none of this.


The companies that make PHs usually recommend to take them spread out through the day with a meal containing fats.

How many pills of each are you taking? 2 epi 3 hdrol?


I'm not taking anything at the time being. I don't want to start till I know more about it. The epi's are 10mg a pill so I'd be taking 3-4. And the Hdrol are 25mg a pill and i'd be taking 3.


If taking 3 of each... simply 3 doses of one pill of each.

I would probably take one dose on waking, the next about 6-7 hours after and the final dose 30-60 mins pre workout.

Take them with a source of fats... perhaps some olive oil/coconut oil or some fish oil caps.