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Epi Cycle. OTC PCT Ok?

Seen people advising use of a serm and many advising use of otc only for PCT product. Curious as to what you guys think regarding the epi cycle I have planned.

Going to run it 5 weeks.

40mg/ed weeks 1-2 and 60mg/ed for weeks 3-5

I’m 27 years old and will be bulking up during this cycle. I only took 1 ph product before, which was two years ago for 4 weeks during a cut. I ran rpn havoc at 20mg/30/30/40 with androhard and my PCT was nolva @ 20mg for i think 3 weeks.

I didn’t experience any shutdown, and i regretted taking any of it because I foolishly thought I could gain significant muscle while losing fat on severely restricted carbs. Lesson learned.

Looking for some feedback. Thanks.

my feedback:

man up and use real AAS

prohormones still require a serm

Make sure you use a TypeII AI (suicidal AI like Exemestane) during PCT. Epi is notorious for estrogen rebounds after the cycle because of its AI qualities and suppression.