Epi-Andro as a Test Base

So I don’t know the research behind Epi-Andro, but I overheard some people today at the gym talking about this. Specifically, using it as a test base in place of injectable testosterone? Aware me on this. I know 1-Andro is converted into 1-androstenedione (which can be converted to testosterone).

I see some problems with this: namely 1) how much is actually converted into useable testosterone as opposed to DHT?, and 2) this has gotta be extremely liver toxic, right? (Actually probably not since it’s non-methylated).

Curious about this.

1 androstenedione is converted to dihydroboldenone (5a reduced variant of boldenone)

A small amount of epiandrosterone can be converted into DHT (though preferably other metabolites first). It’s a rather weak androgen in itself with direct androgenic activity and tis a metabolite of DHT. Isn’t particularly toxic to the liver (though all androgens somewhat raise the risk of acquiring hepatocellular carcinoma)

Using as a test base… Ehhhhhh, na probably not.

Here’s a pic of conversion pathways

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So one might use it if they want some results and not alot of suppression?

No, it’ll still shut you down if ya take enough (enough being ant amount equating to more androgen than the body would produce naturally to maintain homeostasis) and one of the main point of cycling is to out you’re body in a state of pharmacological adaptation, if you’re supplementing with an amount of androgen which is less than what the body would naturally produce… Results aren’t gonna be much lol

Epi-Andro is absolutely not a good test base. The only otc that could be used as base—and it’s a bad one at that—is 4-Andro. But it’s not going to make meaningful changes in the context of increasing gains.

Anecdote from me:

Before starting trt I wanted to try something that was less drastic than a life of pinning twice a week. First blood work showed TT @ ~325. Not great. So I told the doc I’d come back in four weeks and retest after trying some legal otc stuff. This was more for my own research purposes. I didn’t expect much. After four weeks on 4-andro TT was ~410. So it caused a small increase, but nothing worth writing home about.