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Ephredrine with No Explode?


I know you may think Im mad but I want to mix it up and chuck it in a pre workout drink....dom't want to go mad so would one scoop of Whiteflood or No Explode with it be ok?


please go troll somewhere else.


I do that every time I work legs, 2 cups of xplode and amphetamine(pretty close to ephedrine...). Cant say I am crazzy.
Cocaine does an even better job, you will not believe the focus and pumps it gives.


I hear the pump and fous are great if you have a couple of adderalls with some ephedrine pre-WO. And you'll lose like 20lbs in a week.


Goddamnit you beat me


But Im not sure he was being facetious


Unless Macho Man Randy Savage is back from the dead, I think he was.

But who knows, maybe we'll be reading another article demonizing pre-WO supps in a week or so following a collapse in the squat rack.


Worked for Tom Platz