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Ephidrine v Clen

ok guys i only signed up to this for your knowledge and advice…firstly i have been using ephidrine for the last 6 weeks without a break only 24mg everyday and 40mg on training days which are 3 to 4 times a week…i did build up to this dose …i have lost around a stone but the fact it motivates me to go to the gym and decreases my appitite are the biggest benefits for me…

however as i have not had a break i am now feeling the true side effects and the aggresion and deppression are setting in as is the emotional rollercoaster i have been on (never emotional but omg i have taken everything to heart and elt minor things bother me and then some occasions i have acted with aggression …not me either) so i am comming of them as of today i will suffer i know but please tell me how long i will withdraw from these and how i will feel

i have new tub of clen to start in a couple of weeks but would love some advice on how to take these and also if the side effects mirror ephidrine?? please help out guys i only have 1 more stone to go and i am at target for weight and fat content…advice is welcome…love to u all…

You are just going to feel like crap for a few days you shouldnt experience “withdraws” in its true form unless you have developed a mental dependency. I’ve known people who messed with harsher stims for years and they only felt like shit for a month or two. As far as clen i have zero experience with it.

If you got “sides” like that from only 24-40mg a day of ephedrine you should stay away from clen… Read up a little more on these compounds.

When I take EC I dose 24/200 3xd. Jitters and extra energy usually disappear after 1 week, but appetite suppression and metabolism boost stay. You can safely dose this way indefinitely with benefits lasting. However I usually stop 10 weeks. No withdraws and no sides typically associated with ephedrine…sounds like a mental dependency.

Again I would stay away from clen if you felt that way from ephedrine. Clen does have some real physical side effects

Nobody should take clen, ever.