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I just bought some Ephedrine at the gas station because I needed something to help me go nuts in the weight room. Has anyone else used this stuff and did it work for you? I thought ephedrine was banned by the FDA, does anyone know why this stuff is still being sold?

Its probobly whatever the gas station had left after the ban. They are really not supposed to be selling it.

What do you guys use to facilitate your workouts?

[quote]No Mercy wrote:
Its probobly whatever the gas station had left after the ban. They are really not supposed to be selling it.[/quote]

Actually, what you buy at the gas station is ephedrine and is not banned. If it is sold as a bronchial dialator, it is not illegal. That is why you can still buy it online. It simply can not be sold as a weight loss agent. That huge loophole will probably close if enough people start making a huge deal about this.

Yes I use ephedrine before lifting sessions. (Actually, I use the traditional E/C/A stack.) Make sure it was real ephedrine that you got and not pseudoephedrine. It can somehow still be bought online. My online source still allows me to buy gobs at a time. My buddy, in a frantic move of “OMFG ephedrine will be gone forever,” snagged 100 bottles @ $7 each for a smooth $700. He can afford it.

Anyone know what is a realistic shelf life for this stuff? I am not sure that I believe the date stamped on the bottle - why would it degrade if kept moisture free? I’ve got around 30 bottles and only burn through one about every 3 months.

PM me for purchase info and link if interested.

FYI I am loooking to move away from ECA and try BioTest’s Power Drive for a neural GO!

Bastard F*ck Guy

[quote]Jay-B wrote:
What do you guys use to facilitate your workouts?[/quote]

If you have to rely on ephedrine or some other drug to get “up” for training you may be overtrained.

i do indeed miss my ephedrine. Nothing worked as fast or effective as the good ol’ ECA stack. The only thing that is stoping me from going back to it is that im not really sure about the synthetic for of epehdrine that’s currently available. I’ve heard its much stronger. CAn anyone tell em if there is any need to worry about the safety of taking it. DO i need to take the same precautions with it that i did with old ephedrine. My cutting stack of Power Drive and Green tea seems to be working well for me but i think if i threw in some ephedrine it would reaaly kick things up.

also the guafinesen in that comes in some of the stuff scares me too. What the fuck is it?

guai-fen-e-sin : the glyceryl ether of guaiacol C10H14O4 that is used especially as an expectorant called also glyceryl guaiacolate

There’s the official definition. It’s an expectorant - so helps you cough shit up. It’s harmless. It was used in Mini-Thin brand ephedrine for years.

As far as someone mentioning being overtrained - good point. I know that my rest and energy levels are sub-optimal due to work, school, overdoing the weekends, and insanely hot 21 year old girlfriend. What gives? ECA gets me through. I make some decent progress, although I know it could be better. At least my training and nutrition are solid, as I can’t afford to have more than one of the major variables slip.


[quote]ChrisKing wrote:

If you have to rely on ephedrine or some other drug to get “up” for training you may be overtrained.[/quote]

I disagree with this. I have enough ephedrine-based thermogenics to last the next 5 years saved up. I used it in school because after being in classes all day, dealing with patients, spending all night studying, it helped keep my energy up. Now that I am done with my education, it still helps increase my energy in the weight room. What you just wrote means that everyone who drinks coffee in the morning, buys a “Red Bull” half way through the day or uses any stimulant at all are all overtrained. I don’t drink coffee. I basically use thermos like some people might use coffee and have never had any negative side effects. When dieting, it helps even more when energy levels get depleted faster. Your blanket statement just doesn’t apply to everyone.

I concur,
going into a workout naked is nothing like going into it with a little fire under your ass no matter how sore, overtrained or whatever you are.