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Awhile back someone posted that they had prostatis from years of ephedrine abuse. I had no idea ephedrine could be bad for the prostate! Just how safe is ephedrine? Whats the max dosage and time I should take it for?

I’ve never heard that ephedrine could be bad for the prostate however I’ve not done much research on that drug. Max dosage should be no more than 100mg a day. The duration is going to vary depending on how much you take a day and how your body responds to it.

Back when i was a youngin we not only used ephedrine for fat loss but also for fun when there was no coke around. Try taking a piss when you have about five in your system, you end up getting most of it on yourself cuz your prostrate tightens right up.

Everytime I’ve used ephedrine for more than two weeks straight I’ve felt like I’ve been sitting on a grapefruit! It got to the point where it hurt to piss, any effort to “push” it out at all led to an extremely painful cramp in my groin. A few days after stopping it the BPH goes away, but it hurts like hell. The things I do to get lean!!

I don’t know if the same effect would come about from norephedrine. If I ever try it I’ll let you all know what happens. But regular ephedrine whacks my prostate so much that I won’t be taking it anymore.

Yes, long term ephedrine use has been linked to prostate enlargement. Additionally, there are some concerns about the potential for heart problems and strokes. Now, don’t allow this to scare you away from using ephedrine. If you have prostate issues (enlarged, diseased, cancer of, etc.),a heart condition, or a family history of such problems, it probably is a good idea to stay away from epherdine. Otherwise, just be a smart user. Keep an eye out for any early signs or unwanted side effects.

Unless you have pre existing health issues I wouldn’t worry. A bigger concern is developing a dependence on ephedrine. Way too many lifters need ephedrine to work out. Depending on a pill for energy is not a good thing. Use it for an occasional boost and you should be fine.

FWIW, I’ve been using ECA semi-continously for about 6 months now and have seen good fat-loss effects. I go on it during the week, but take the weekends off (5on/2off). I’ve been using that protocol the entire time and haven’t felt any prostatic effects - normal as ever. Gives the gland a break, I guess, and keeps me from being dependant.