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I have asked a few local stores if ephedrine was included in the ephedra ban, some said it was but others sell it and say it wasnt included at all, does anyone know for sure??

yes, since ephedrine is the main active chemical component of ephedra it is included.

it was not.

Ephedrine HCL has not been removed from the market, as it is dispensed (and taken) for those that need it (and by those that want it for the side effects cough).

With that said, the FDA press release hinted that they would close this ‘loophole’. I suspect you’ll see ephedrine HCL, pseudoephedrine and the related ingredients removed from the market eventually.

Just my 2 cents.

ephedrine hcl is not banned as it has medicinal uses. you can buy it in any store or on millions of websites.

thats weird, why would ephedrine not be banned but ephedra is?

forgot to add yes i know that ephedrine is still in cough supressants and other medicines etc… but it has been banned as a performance enhancer and fat burner. i dont u think u can derive much of a fat burning benefit from drinking robitussin.

Ephedrine hcl is NOT banned and can be readily found behind the counter at your local gas station ect. The reason? Well it’s because the crooked cocksucksing drug companies make $ of the hcl version not the herbal form. BTW, I heard merck is comming out with a new weightloss product. Can anybody guess what the main ingredient is?

goth, you have no clue of what you are talking about! are you teling me that i didnt just yesterday recieve in the mail two bottles of vasopro ephedrine?

for the last time, ephedrine hcl IS NOT BANNED! ephedra the herbal form is.

ok, so they banned ECA stacks, for wut reason if we can still just get all the ingredients neways? i realize that baseball player or wutever died b/c of numerous reasons and not just ephedra, but whats the point of banning sports supplements if we can still buy the main ingredient neways??

because they are complete dumb asses!

ephedrine hcl has medicinal uses for asthmatics. however, im guessing that about 75% of ephedrine hcl is sold to us bbers and speed freaks.

Primatene tablets still contain ephedrine hydrochloride, (12.5 mg) and Sudafed still contains pseudoephedrine. (30 mg)

I was a little confused by TC listing that pseudoephedrine was used in MD6. I believe that l-norephedrine and pseudoephedrine are not exactly the same thing. (I am not wrong here am I?)

I constantly keep Sudafed (or some generic) around just because of my sinuses. I rarely use it, but when my sinuses back up, my head feels like it is going to explode. When the stuff kicks in, my headache is gone.

This is the last thing I would ever want banned. Then again I doubt it would be. It has the backing of big drug companies, not the little supplement producers. You can guess who has more money to bribe… uh I mean donate to the re-election campaigns, of politicians.

so have either of u derived the same benefit fromstrait ephedrine HCL as opposed to an ECA stack?

ephedrine hcl and caffeine is better imo than the ephedra based products. most of the ephedra based fat burners include al kinds of unnecessary shit. also, when dealing with herbal products you run into issues with potency. when i take hcl and caffeine tabs i know exactly whats going into my body.

I prefer the ephedrine HCL and caffeine. I trust what’s in there and they don’t throw in all that herbal bullshit. The rush I had on it the first 10 days was amazing (even on a low dose) b/c I was an absolute nut. The stuff is by far better than anything that was out on the market before. It took the ephedrine ban to wake us up to what the good shit is.

You guys are cracking me up! Do you mean to tell me that not everyone knows to go to Wal Mart for their ECA stacks? WM brand caffeine costs about $2.00/box, aspirin about a buck. Stop to get gas on the way out for a $6 bottle of two-ways and you have a month supply for $10. I always wondered if those 6 page “advertorials” had blinded anyone. I guess they did! You guys probably don’t even know WM’s in the country sell Fina and EQ.

hello guys
i was wondering what were the names that these ephedrine products go under, because i doubt very highly if my area gas stations would know what i was refering to if i didnt ask for the items by a particular name.

thanks alot in advance guys

also PDOG i have heard you make mention of these items before and my question for you was have you was if you experienced and effects related to the guaifenesin in the products

thanks alot

oh my goodness i just wanted to repost the latter half of my post because i wasnt paying attention and it reads as if a four year old wrote it

also PDOG i have heard you make mention of these items before, and my question for you was if you experienced any effects related to the guaifenesin in the products

thanks again guys

Damn, I’ve looked in walmart and can’t seem to find caffeine in the store. I’m just using Prolab’s right now which works wonderful. I don’t use aspirin though, nor do I see a need for it. The stuff is killer though at suppressing your appetite.