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I saw the herb used to make ephedrine in a traditional Chinese med shop. I was wondering if I try them out or stick to a regular low carb diet and cardio plan. If it helps at all, I am 17 and I have been training on and off during the last two years.

Yeah, I live in China

Ma Huang stems can be brewed as a tea. It’s fairly bitter, but you can add a bit of honey to sweeten it. But since you are in China, you already know this.

Get the plant stems from a seller that you know is clean and lead-free. It seems as if everything coming out of China lately is contaminated.

I have to question whether you should be following a low-carb diet at your age. What are your current stats and goals?

Right now my stats are 170lbs at 14%, I’m trying to cut down all this lard I gained from summer.

Deadlift: 240lbsx1
Bench: 200lbs x2
Squar 200lbsx2

So, what type of diet would you suggest HK24719?
Btw, do you live in Hong Kong? I used to live at Clear Water Bay for more than ten years.

Apparently ephedra contains 1-2.5% ephedrine so does a 5000mg dose once a day sound good?