What is the difference between Ephedrine, Ephedrine HCL, ephedra, mu huang etc?
Which is the most effective? Anyway that it is possible to import ephedrine into Australia and get it past customs?
What about T2 and the other biotest supplements I understand they are much better but due to our piss poor exchange rate they are twice as expensive here plus shipping, to have them confiscated by customs would kill me. But if I can get them in ill give them ago.
Any hints tips etc

Oh i forgot.
If i have to resort to psuedoephedrine how much should i use. Where would I get it etc.

A doctor friend says the ephedrine HCL and ephedra probably have different absorption rates,with the HCL being more potent.I have not seen any studies to confirm this.Also I have read comments by various writers that the potency of ephedra based products can vary from batch to batch.I have known folks who used ripped fuel'by twinlab and got pretty good results.Don't even think about trying to have this stuff mailed in under the current circumstances.The reason international mail is taking so long to get here is because customs are inspecting a LOT more closely.I am not sure about T2, best to ring therapeutic goods(TGA) in Canberra and ask them. I don't think psuedoephedrine does much of anything. If you are looking to lean out try the guerilla cardio’ in the latest Muscle Media,it works,takes up little time,costs nothing and is free of customs hassles!If you are not on a low carb diet I would also investigate that option as well.Good luck…

I get ephedrine HCL prescribed to me by a GP. Just find one who will give it to you.