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Ephedrine/Yohimbine for Spinning


Ive got an off day tomorrow and Im going to take a spinning class and follow it up with some yoga haha. Ive been cutting and working on some postural imbalances so I figured why not.

Would taking either of these help preserve muscle/preferentially deplete fat stores if it was just a one time shot before the class?

I figure it cant hurt but I have been trying to keep stimulants to a minimum lately. So, if Im wasting my time and drugs for some kind of superstitious effect I would rather not.


ephedrine would eat away at your muscle during a spinning class. I would not recommend it


That's silly.

Either way, you're not likely to see a difference in muscle or fat with one spinning class.

It would also be a bad idea to use these products prior to intense exercise if you're not already experienced with them.




Yeah, I thought ephedrine is muscle sparing, right?

Oh I have plenty of ephedrine experience. Im asthmatic and Ive been taking it since I was a wee little boy.