Ephedrine.Weights YES! Endurance NO!

To whom it may concern: figure it out. Ephedrine hinders performance when it comes to endurance sports. I am seeing these ephedrine posts that are just stupid. Robusto, telling some kid in high school to take ultimate orange before a x-country race…What? THAT IS A GOOD WAY TO DIE. It is great for your resistance exercise program, but it will not give you any physiological performance enhancement in endurance sports. Thanks. Late.

I’m not sure I’d agree with you on that one. If I’m not mistaken, ephedra is a bronchiodialator(sp?) which would definitely be a beneficial thing for somebody involved in an aerobic activity. I would not recommend Ultimate Orange though. I would get it in pill form at a convenience store and break it into quarters and experiment with minimal dosages while practicing, and not wait until the day of competition to try it. Also if the weather was a lot warmer than I was accustomed to training in, I might take less than normal. I am a big fan of ephedra used the right way.

Sure ephedra is great for anaerobic work, but not good for endurance work. Maybe not extreme endurance 10+ mile run, etc. Stims are great for mid distance too, such as a cross country race, only about 3 miles(18min) for a good runner.Basically your wrong about not taking it before a cross country race and many other things. Ephedra is not going to kill you if you do not have a pre-existing condition, UNLESS you take too much or take under extreme circumstances(i.e. heat, other environmental factors).

D_END you are correct sir. and I DO think a x-country race in the summer is an extreme condition suppimp.
why would someone want to RAISE body temp before a race when it will only hinder performance (see, Effects of heat stress on physiological responses and exercise. Tatterson AJ,Hahn AG,Martin DT,Febbraio MA at pubmed, pmid:11104310)
and I think its pretty hot in most places in this country right now so takeing ephedrine could be VERY dangerous. its a bronchial dialator, ozone levels are high so you run the risk of ozone induced bronchial hyperresponsiveness. ozone effects lung function thru overexposure and may effect athletic performance.
any problems the average person may experience are multiplied in an asmatic athlete.
I always thought exercise was supposed to help you become healthier, so why take any risks and use ephedrine when its possible for it to cause problems? I am not against its use under certain circumstances, just not outside in the summer heat when ozone is up. I don’t realy see any need for it anyway. peace

Ephedrine could also contribute to dehydration.

I have to admit it, I agree with D End on this one. Having been a former X-country runner, ephedrine is not good. It shallows breath and speeds up heart rate, which in turn increases body temperature. Most of you probably think that X-country is a pussy sport, but as a former runner I tell you different. One of the biggest factors to a good run is a steady controlled breath - a rhythm. Rythmn is the race. Anything with a stimulant will overheat you. Overheating is big problem in X-Country. If you go to a race you will see runners mid-stride puking and puking after the finish line. I replied to the post in question and suggested 300 - 400mg DMAE which increases concentration. I wish people would stop being so obsessed with supplements.