Ephedrine vs Clen vs Albuterol

Hi to all.
Soon I would like to go back to fighting (if my eyes re-start working…). Where is the problem? I need to drop atleast 8kg of fat (non bodyweight…) to be in the rigght category.

By now i’m at 15% and 100kg body weight.

Usually, before PEd/AAS discovery ;), I use the foolowing strategies: anabolic diet (di pasquale) + cardio (i hate it)

However “now” i would like to improve (get faster results with less, none, LBM lose) my "protocoll.

In the past i have used T4 and ephedrine. I like ephedrine… T4 was not so good. Clen also is nice (but i feel ephedrine it’s better).

Reading’n’Researching I have found other compound like albuterol.
“Quality” wise which should be the route?

I would like to try DNP but i can’t find a “trusted” source…

I read that a good stack can be T3+Clen (or albuterol)…
Any experience?

I like clen but I’m a bit hesitant to try T3. I don’t want to lower my natural thyroid levels yet. Maybe if I did Duchaine’s method with blood tests I’d try it but until then, I’ll pass.

BTW Ketotifen will help you run clen longer. I take 3mg before bed and sleep like a rock.

I can’t find ketotifen in italy.
I have access to clen (monores it is easy to get, it’s a prescribed drugs but if you ask it you can get without prescr…)

I would like to try albuterol.

However i really want DNP :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to do some more research drug wise and source wise :wink:

I love to “try and research”. But i’m not a fool. If I’ll find a serious DNP source I’ll give a try (and log) the results… but i dont want to run “un-needed risk” :wink:

I think I’d try PGCL before DNP although both are tempting. Thing with DNP is some guys forgot they took a dose and accidentally doubled up. Next day they were an inferno. Most people report some strength loss but regain it after two weeks of being off.

Keto. isn’t over the counter in the US either, but you can order it internationally. Some guys also use benedril otherwise known as Diphenhydramine HCL to keep the beta 2 receptors fresh. This is an over the counter medication that helps with sleep and allergies. Not sure of the dosage though.

thanks you hagar for the info.
I need to do some research on PGCL… :slight_smile:

[quote]cadav wrote:
thanks you hagar for the info.
I need to do some research on PGCL… :)[/quote]

I know someone who’s going to start running PGCL. I’ll keep you posted on his progress.

thank you hagar!