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Ephedrine vs. Clen vs. Albuterol

After gaining some muscle mixed with fat, I’m trying to cut some of the fat and drop some weight. I’ve taken ephedrine before, worked up to 4 doses of 20 mg in addition to cardio, but in the end I didn’t see any better results versus what I’ve experienced by adding in some strict cardio by itself.

My question is, would trying out albuterol be worth it? could I expect better results versus the ephedrine, or will it be about the same? In addition, I understand ephedrine/albuterol/clenbuterol all have a very similar mechanism, so are the health risks about the same?

Lastly, I’ve read a lot saying albuterol is better than clenbuterol, true?

Thanks for any information.

as an afterthought…the ephedrine I took was vasopro ephedrine hcl, not a supplement w/ other stuff in it.

Do a search. This question has been answered over and over. Off the top of my head, I know I’ve personally answered this at least 4 times.

ive never used clen and ephedrine gives me headrushes/light headed

but i do like alb, albuterol is supposed to be a little easier on ya with like a quarter of the half life of clen

Do a search…theres a very recent thread on ECA and clen going right now, being updated with results and loaded my questions and answers on the basics.