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Ephedrine + TRT

I’ve done the ECA stack many times back in the day, and know what it feels like. But this time around while doing it for the first time while on TRT it feels way different. Here in Canada ephedrine is legal and cheap.
I feel like there is some sort of synergistic effect between ephedrine and testosterone. It’s almost like a cyborg / feeling invincible feeling. It also seems to be the only thing that really boosts my libido Way High while on trt. Has anyone else here experience this?

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All stimulants have increased efficacy for me since starting TRT.

To a large degree also.

How much ephedrine do you take? Pre workout? Im interested!

Does it increase HR or Bp much?

I do it 5 days on, 2 days off. Up to the max 3 doses a day. Each dose consists of 24 mg ephedrine, 200 mg caffeine. And one 81 mg aspirin, but the aspirin only once a day. I really noticed a huge change once I worked up to 3 dosages a day. So resting heart rate has gone up about 3-4 beats, but blood pressure has stayed low. Which is strange. But I do take 5 mg cialis daily. But my blood pressure never went up even before cialis.
I’m not taking it preworkout as I’m currently taking a few weeks off to heal an elbow injury. I’ve lost a good 10 lbs of fat in 2 weeks though.
There must be some sort of synergistic effect. Back in the day 3 dosages would surely cause me some anxiety as some point. Nothing now.

These blood pressure results at the end of the day after being pumped full of stimulants. HR was high as I wasn’t rested or anything. Resting HR around 65

Your heart rate IS elevated though.

Are you using it for fat loss? Like Clenbuterol?