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Ephedrine Tolerance


Could someone knowledgeable about this tell me about the potential for tolerance with ephedrine. Anecdotally myself and friends have found we develop serious tolerance but I often have serious doubts as to the consistency of the quality of the ephedrine from bottle to bottle(thoughts?).

1 - What does the chemistry/literature say regarding tolerance?, How long would you have to stay off to re-sensitise ?

2 - Where can I find a reliable source ( I swear some bottles are bunk or low quality...)?



I believe, from the little that i have read about it that after a few weeks you gain a tolerance to the stimulant effects but there is still a thermogenic effect.


You develop a tolerance to the stimulant effects as the poster above reports. The thermogenic effects increase over time.

Any source is reliable, it's an OTC drug. Not a whole lot of money in an underground lab making a drug you can buy for about 15 cents a dose.


You can go to any pharmacy and buy Bronkaid, it's an over the counter drug for people with asthma. I'd go 2 weeks and then take 2 weeks off.


Just to check, if you're taking ephedrine for weight loss, you are taking caffeine with it as well, right? There is no, or minimal, benefits to taking ephedrine without caffeine.


I don't take ephedrine for weight loss, only as a pre-workout stimulant. Usually take (16-24mg/200-300mg/300mg) - E.C.A. Usually also take 4000mg tyrosine too .


Why not just take caffeine as a pre-workout stimulant? Or just buy a pre-workout product?


My ECA stack costs about 50cents/dose. Caffeine alone isn't as effective.


I would ditch the aspirin

1) It's not really important for the fat loss effect
2) You don't care about the fat loss effect
3) Pain numbing during workouts has caused me to injure myself slightly
4) antiinflammatories may slightly interfere with muscle growth