Ephedrine (The Second Wave)

In the past, I’ve really enjoyed the investigative reporting on HBO/Bryant Gumbel’s “Real Sports”. However…I have a sneaky feeling that the next installment will be a “second wave” of assaults on the supplement industry, deaths and ephedrine. I’ll wait and see how “unbiased” the report is…but the “sound bites” don’t look encouraging.

My big question is when are people/Beuracracies/Special Interest/etc. going to stop this reporting that is SO OUT OF PROPORTION? While I understand that the FDA does the “best job they can”[sic], I really think that they could do a lot to dispell a lot of this crap.

Any thoughts?

The news media live from story to story. If they can get an extra Neilson point by lying, fabricating, etc., they do it with glee. Ditto for warmed over versions of previous stories.

As for the FDA, they are the most devious SOBs that ever existed. They perpetuate themselves and line their personal pockets by siding with the drug companies at every turn. Dumping on the supplement makers keeps their faces in the news. You will never see an ephedrine-like witch hunt for the profitable prescription drugs whose known side effects kill 100,000s of us every year. Did you know there are over 600 drug company lobbyists whose job is to bribe and mislead all of 535 Congressmen and Senators? It is all about sound bites for the media and payoffs for the FDA and our elected representatives. Show (give) me the money–and they have lots and lots of it.

To be honest when I saw that hbo would be airing this report I was pissed. But think about it, why would the fda try to stop people from having them get a product off the market that pharmacuticals do not make any money on. I beleive that eventually ephedrine will be taken off the market, and not to soon after will be made a prescription. Currently, there is a pharmecutical company working on making GHB a prescription for obesity. Bottom line, its all about money.
Remember Tryptophan.