Ephedrine Stack Question

Im trying my first EC stack tomorrow but im not sure when to take them. I got 30mg ones, planning to take 3x15mg with 2x200mg C and a morning coffee.
The only problem is that, i dont know when to take.
My current plan:
Waking up at 7am and take one around 7 10
The next one at 10am and start training at 11am. I usually start with 1 hour hiit then do the weight lifting.
And the last one is 2:45-3:45pm. So i dont know if i can do hiit or should i do my hiit first, then take them before the weight lifting.
What do you think?
Thanks in advance

You’re over thinking this, just take them and see what works for you.

That being said, are you taking 3 doses per day, each dose being 45mg of ephedrine and 400mg of caffeine? I used EC a lot in the past and that seems high to me, so much so that your sleep is going to be impacted.

Ease into it, there’s no reason to go whole-hog the first day.

I find 25 mg of E and 200 mg of C when I first wake to be a good amount, then again at noon. If I need a bit of a pick me up in the afternoon i may take 8-16 mgs of E with a cup of coffee.

Good luck, don’t be stupid, and experiment to see what works best for you.

Yeah haha, this is my first cycle on anything. I found out how is it good.
Started like 15mg E, coffee, then 2x15mg E and 2x200mg C when I could take them.
Now im at 30mg E coffee, and the rest is the same. I wanted to dose it slowly, planning to take the full 30mg ones 3x on the 8th day.

Sounds reasonable enough, just know that it’s not magic pill. imho, the primary purpose of the eph is to act as an appetite suppressant. Use the smallest effective dose to blunt your appetite.