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Ephedrine speech help

Hey all I need some info to support why all this flack that ephedrine is getting is unwarranted for a 7 min speech. I would like some studies to look at if possible, can u all direct me to some, Also what was that T-mag issue that talked about this stuff and showed a chart of deaths with other types of drugs and meds yearly and then compared those deaths to that of ephedrine?

Thanks fellas

Cmon guys help out…



Do a search for athsma and ephedrine. Check out the doses they recommend and compare them to the dosage recommended for weight loss. There are also articles on actual deaths vs. those attributed to ephedrine out there if you use your search engine.

Don’t go in there with your guns all a blazin’, spend a minute telling them that as with anything you put in your body, you’d best know what the hell you’re doing. Cover its’ effects on the thyroid, CNS, lungs, heart and nutrients. Make sure to expain the SYNERGISTIC effect of escalating doses of Ephederine. If you take enough of anything it will kill you. Talk about how easy it was for you to jump on the computer and find out how to take ehpedrine safely and effectively. Tell them how it can help in a strength competition or for a burst, but not in a long strenuous event like x-country. The speech will be easy when you line up all your facts, 7 minutes is nothing.

One of the greatest things about doing a speech or presentation is that you can learn a ton about a subject and research in general by DOING THE RESEARCH YOURSELF! I’ll point you in the right direction: www.pubmed.nl. Also, Cy Wilson recently wrote an outstanding piece dispelling the myths regarding protein consumption, ephedrine use, and steroid use. The name escapes me right now; check the previous issues section and focus on the past 2-3 months.

I would also add something in your speech about how many people are hospitalized because of aspirin.

Lots of good info on MedScape. Registering is free, and gives you access to a ton of studies and case histories.