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Ephedrine Sources?


Anyone know where a person living in the South Carolina/Georgia area could get Ephedrine pills? I really wanna try the ECA diet but have no clue how to get the Ephedrine.


your best bet is to order them from the internet. just type in the brand your looking for in search w/ key word ephedra.


Thanks alot!


bodybuilding.com has vasopro.


Check your local gas stations. That's where I get mine. They are sold with the medicines.


safeway, albertsons, qfc, etc... all sell ephedrine in their stores here in washington state...

I would imagine that those stores sell ephedrine in other states too...


Smaller, "mom + pop" health stores will have them. Vitamin Shoppe/GNC will not.


Did they remove the ban on ephedrine?


Yeah anybody know why its being sold? and legally i assume?


It wasn't taken off the shelves here. All the bigger names stopped manufacturing it, but BDI kept in the gas staions. It is also the 25mg a pill, not like some now that are 10mg a pill.


The type of ephedrine that is being sold, ephedrine HCL, is used for bronchial asthma.


whats the difference?


That sounds like it should be a prescription drug then. Not that i care either way


No, it's been a commom otc brochiodialator for years. Mini Thins are a popular brand.


there has never been a ban on ephedrine...

you're thinking of ephedra...


Now i'm confused, i thought ephedra and ephedrine were the same? obviously i am missing something here....help


also would taking the ephedrine hcl(the kind they sell at gas stations, etc) be of any worth for weight loss?


I could be wrong, and I am sure someone who thinks they know but is wrong will try to correct me. lol.... but essentially they are the same.. ephedra is the herbal version, ephedrine hcl as in Vasopro is man-made.

I honestly wouldn't mess with the Vasopro/gas station crap, with the original stuff back and available EVERYWHERE. If you can't find what you're looking for, let me know and I'll get you some good links. If you know where to find it, it's as cheap as it used to be.

Another reason to stay away from the VasoPro versions...... Meth producers like this stuff to make their "goods"..... therefore, DEA dislikes the buyers of it.


ephedrine can either be extracted from ephedra or produced synthetically...

ephedrine+guaifenesin has been sold OTC for a long time as an asthma medicine ...this concoction was never made illegal because ephedrine+guaifenesin is an FDA approved bronchiodilator...

the FDA requires that guaifenesin be added because ingesting too much guaifenesin makes you cough uncontrollably... apparently the FDA believes that crystal meth users are worried about having an out of control coughing attack...

unless you buy ephedrine in very large quintities with a traceable credit card the DEA isn't going to give two shits about you...but if you're really that worried buy a weeks supply at a time and pay for your ephedrine with cash...

I think using ephedrine for dieting is kind of dumb. why not try eating a couple hundred less calories a day and save your self from the gitters?

ephedrine is great though if you're a competitive weightlifter or powerlifter.


Attending DOJ meetings where DEA agents discuss the future of cracking down on Meth says be careful buying it in quantity regardless of how you pay. FYI.

Ephedrine has long been considered one of the best appetite suppressents you can get, which along with raising metabolic rate makes it awesome for weight loss. Believe it or not, some people don't even get the jitters from it.