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Ephedrine Question


I keep hearing that ephedrine might be coming back legally. Does anyone know the chances of this happening?


Ephedrine was and has never been illegal. You can buy it at most gas stations and pharmacy stores OTC in the form of asthma meds..

What was banned was ephedra the herb..

I hear for the time being it will be back, but I wouldnt go that route anyhow. The ephedrin HCL which one can get OTC as stated above is simply the active that one would get in the Herb and you know exactly how much you are getting and its CHEAP.

Hope that helps,



what were you looking to get from the Ephedrine?


Phill, thanks for the answers.
I just wanted to know because I was hoping the old MD6 or Adipokinetix would come back. I'll be trying HOT-ROX soon when I start my diet, so I'll see how that goes. Yes, I know eating correctly comes first, so I have a good plan. (On paper anyways). It comes from ideas from Berardi, Poliquin, and Lyle McDonald. Workout and some cardio included. I'll post my beginning stats soon.


I've got some MD6 and other ephedrine products at home and don't use them any more cause HOT-ROX is far superior. No contest.


A court recently struck down the FDA ban as being illegal.

However, the FDA refuses to recognize the court's decision. So right now it is only banned in doses above 10 mg.

So don't plan on it coming back. I used to be upset about it until I tried HOT-ROX. Holy Cow it is effective.