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Ephedrine Q's

  1. Does anyone know the difference in efficacy between Ephedrine HCL vs. Ephedrine Sulphate?

  2. Has anyone stacked Ephedrine (found in Bronkaid for instance) with HOT-ROX?


Bad idea, bruh.



As best as I can tell, there isn't much. The best conclusion I could find is that Ephedrine HCL is a little better at being absorbed since it'll break apart in your stomach well. It was anecdotal though. I've used ephedrine sulfate and it kicks ass.

As for the 2nd... I really wouldn't recommend it. ECA and HOT-ROX are pretty damn potent on their own.


Ephedrine HCL contains approximately 82% ephedrine by weight, Ephedrine sulphate is 77% of ephedrine by weight.


No, and it's not recommended. Both yohimbine and ephedrine can increase your blood pressure and the combo could equal bad juju.


Definitely do not combine them


I support Anabols advice to any freshman of the fatloss game. If you have issues with BP then you shouldn't be taking anything unless you want to stroke out.

But from my own expierience 25mgs of Ephidrine HCL with HOT-ROX prior to morning cardio is the bomb. But that is the only time I added ephidrine to HOT-ROX - prior to morning cardio it was not taken any other time, never to exceed 25mgs per day.


Why not just start with an ECA stack (the aspirin isn't really that necessary imo) and see how it works for you. Dose 1-3 times a Day, you probably won't need HOT-ROX and I probably wouldn't mix anyway.