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Ephedrine Problem

I’m interested in MD6. However, in the past, I’ve encountered some problems with ephedrine. To be more precise, temorary sexual disfuction and MAJOR discomfort in the genital region. Since MD6 contains yohimbine, I was wondering if I can avoid repeating my ephedrine nightmare?

MD-6 doesn't contain ephedrine.

Ephedrine can have an anti-erection effect on the penis because of being an alpha receptor agonist; yohimbine can overcome that because of being an alpha receptor antagonist. So the yohimbine in MD-6 could compensate for a little ephedrine, if you were taking some.

Other than overcoming ephedrine, for most people, yohimbine isn't really effective as a prosexual aid but for a few men it is.

Depending, I suppose, on whether the alpha receptors are a problem for them or not.

Question 1: why exactly do alpha receptor agonists effect
Question 2: in what way can ‘alpha receptors’ be a problem
for some men?
Question 3: why is it that this alpha receptor problem
occurs in some men (and the yohimbine helping it) and not
in others?

The reason I ask is because ephedrine doesn’t make me
impotent, but it does kill my sex drive, and this even
occurs from the norephedrine in MD6. (This even occurs
from the psuedoephedrine in allergy medicine.) The
yohimbine in MD6 is not enough to correct this (so I don’t
use it.)

Also, I definitely notice a sexual benefit from taking
yohimbine (the “drug” version - not the crappy supplement
versions). For example, I had the best sex of my life
from taking 5 Tribex capsules along with 5mg yohimbine, 3
hours before sex. I was like the energizer bunny … I just
kept going and going. Or maybe I should say coming and
coming (oh, wait, that was the clomid …).

But seriously, this does concern me. Since I do benefit
from the yohimbine, it seems I could have “a problem” with
the alpha receptor. So what exactly does it mean to “have
a problem with the alpha receptor?” Answers to the other
above questions would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks.