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Ephedrine Plus HOT-ROX


Do you guys this this is a bad idea? I have 2 weeks left before my show. I feel fine on HOT-ROX was thinking about adding a low dose ephedrine. I will probably get flamed for asking, but that is fine. There is 150 mg of caffeine in each pill of HOT-ROX. I feel like the only other ingredient that would actually throw off the stack would be yohimbine.



Are you that for off? What does your coach say?

Nothing good ever comes out of mixing stimulants. Nothing.

if you are that far off for your show, it's a lesson for the next time. Not the time for stupid shit.


Ya you are right man! I am actually not far off at all... No real reason to even be thinking about it. Just getting nervous you know? That is why I needed to get it out there. I am sitting at 4.79% last Thursday.


As an avid user of ephedrine, I think the thermic effect is exaggerated. At doses of 80 mg a day however, it's a terrific appetite suppressant especially with caffeine. I take 32 mg at 8 AM, another 32 at noon, and finally 16 mg at 2 PM with a mouthful of coffee. Any later than this and my sleep absolutely sucks.

I would take great care in mixing yohimbine, ephedrine, and caffeine especially during a contest prep.