Ephedrine Only by RX in 6 Months?

can anyone confirm this? or have I been under a rock while evryone else has heard this? I got an email from supplemnt company saying that in 6 mos. ephedrine will be available only with an rx from a dr. this means no more bronkaid. anyone else heard this?


That’s how it is here in Oregon… Only state where a prescription is required to get it… sux.

swear to god. I can fwd the email if anyone wants

healh nut warehouse sent me the email

Ephedrine is used to make meth and some would argue that in that form it is a wicked fat burner - but it melts away potential quicker than fat. It would stand to reason that with Bidden in the White House it would become tougher to get.

[quote]MODOK wrote:
Ex. phenylpropanolamine. [/quote]

I was hooked on the original MD-6 with PPA.

From what I understand, it not only worked better then ephedrine, but it was also safer.

Damn shame it was taken from us.


Not ban just federal rules on how the states that choose to allow it, have to regulate it. This is already how it is in most states that still have it. You wont be seeing at any gas stations soon, if there any states that still allow it.

Just use pseudoephedrine via mucinex OTC, not on shelves…same shit.