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Ephedrine HCL and guafenesin..Bill R?

Hi guys I was wondering if you knew anything about guaifenesin, is it safe to take by people who are not asthmatics?..i just bought it for the 25mg of ephedrine. I thought at 6 bucks i couldn’t go wrong…not to mention i couldn’t find straight eph.I’m using Bill Robert’s reccomendations of adding epherdine to the noreph in MD6. Thanks Mike

The presence of guaifenssin in ephedrine HCl tablets or capsules is deeply annoying to me for philosophical reasons, but in practice
it is harmless.

Guaifenesin is a muscle relaxant and expectorant. While being a muscle relaxant
might seem undesirable from the weighlifting
point of view, in practice when taken orally
at doses seen in ephedrine products you
don’t see any adverse effect on lifting.

But by the way, Mike, that recommendation was appropriate for the old MD6, but not for the new, which already contains ephedrine. And I’m happy to say, without guafenisin.

If I’m not wrong, guaifanesin causes vomiting at higher doses. I can’t really say right now at how high doses.