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Ephedrine expiration date

If I hypothetically had a supply of about 18,000 tablets of the “Mini-Tabs Two-Way” brand of ephedrine (containing 25mg of ephedrine chloride and 200 mg of guaifenesin)divided into still sealed bottles of 60 tablets each, how long could I expect the pills to be effective past the expiration date on the bottle?

18,000!? Good Lord, You a Meth cook!?

I don’t know, but you could “hypothetically” send me about 9000 if it’s a problem.

It’s actually a little over 19,000. At three a day that’s a good 18 years worth if it will last. I’m deciding how much to hang onto (in case it gets banned soon) and how much to sell. I am afraid of being accused of being a meth cook.

It’s too bad you have the buffer added. I find it drastically reduces the effectiveness of the ephedrine. Sorry,no concrete data on how long it will last,a guess would be a few years after the exp. date wouldn’t hurt.

Can’t you freeze it? I’d imagine that would help keep the things intact much longer.