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Ephedrine/Ephedra/ECA Experiences?


Debating whether or not to take ECA or Ephedrine supplemented with Caffeine on my cut in a few months time. What are your experiences with it in aiding fat loss provided diet and training are in order ?

Have any of you experienced any side effects when you have taken recommended doses of it ? has anyone gained the weight back when you have come off of them ?


I know a few people who've had good results with ephedrine, but I do much better with HOT-ROX Extreme since it doesn't make me feel like my head will explode.


There are plenty of ECA threads around. Do a search.


I will say this.

After ECA trying, I will never diet again without it. My hunger is nonexistent.


ECA is good energy boosting calories burning stack. Its suppose to be synergistic combo. Works very well with moderate dose. Be careful with higher Ephedra >25mg/day will shock all the betanergic system put in fight flight mode and can even lead to serious heart problems.

Also tolerance develops with receptors get blocked. best works for 4 weeks.


just fyi, the "A" in ECA is not needed...unless you like stomach ulcers...


I did an EC stack for the last 3 weeks of a contest prep, and I loved it, but did struggle with headaches coming off the caffeine for a week or 2. I don't normally consume any caffeinated beverages though so my tolerance for caffeine isn't very high.


I was questioning the need for Aspirin, I've read online that the Aspirin thins the blood thereby reducing the increased blood pressure that is caused by E/C. If you already have high blood pressure/cholesterol would you advise against an EC stack totally ?


Aspirin doesn't thin the blood. It does delay clotting, however. Somewhere along the line this gave it the reputation for thinning blood.

Go figure.


aspirin inhibits prostaglandin production by irreversibly blocking the COX1 enzyme which allows for higher levels of cAMP outside the cell or in the synapse of the adrenergic receptors. Higher levels of cAMP allows for ephedrine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine to have a greater effect. cAMP functions by lowering the charge required for a neuron to depolarize? * I'm not sure if this is correct, someone please correct me*.

Aspirin also inhibits thromboxane production which has a major role in platelet aggregation and as a vasoconstrictor. So aspirin may allow for better circulation due to vasodilation.

Aspirin may even act as an uncoupler in some tissues, which means more energy would be used as heat instead of other bodily functions.

And aspirin itself doesn't cause stomach ulcers, the inhibition of COX1 somehow allows for greater acid production in the stomach. I don't have a link to prove this but I'll work on finding one.


Cut the A out

EC is undoubtly the best fat burner avalible. You can run a cycle for 1/3 the cost of other fat burners and its way more effective. No other fat burners can even hold a stick up to EC and I've tried quite a few.

But if you have high blood pressure, I would be careful.


ECA is great for focus during the diet. When I'm contest prep-ing, ECA helps to keep my mind right on my diet and goals as well.

I recommend ECA to experienced, healthy dieters. High blood pressure may be a reason to stay away though.