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Ephedrine Dosage?

So how much ephedrine should someone dose for fat loss.im billing buty buddy is cutting he’s curious

Besides the hilarious “asking for a friend”, exactly how high are you?


I’m not high that’s just a typo mistake I meant to say I’m bulking but my buddy is cutting he’s curious. lol.seems like I’m high tho eh lmfao

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Ok but on a serious note how much should my buddy dose

Good luck finding “real” ephedrine. He can try Bronkaid, 2 tablets twice a day should be enough. Warning: Not everybody can handle ephedrine, some are very calm on it and some have heart palpitations and excessive sweating. He needs to taper up.

Edit: You can buy Bronkaid from CVS or Walgreens but its behind the counter and you have to ask for it and show your DL.

legal in Canada - in 8 mg tabs…

why he need ephedrine for cutting ?

Buddy’s should bulking or cut at the same time!! If I’m cutting and my buddy is crushing tons of food I would kill my buddy and steal his food… Lmao!!

Idk how far into the cut he is or how much he needs to lose etc. But using ephedrine to lose fat is a card you don’t want to play early.
Thats your Ace!
You never play your Ace until you played the other cards.
1st you cut out all junk food and any sugar and half and half and oils .
2nd cut carbs and raise protein/ increase cardio a bit
3rd cut more carbs and maybe cut some fat and increase cardio
4th maybe try carb cycle or keto or whatever
After doing everything you can under the sun to cut and you stall and then you try something else…once you have played all those cards and you are looking at losing that last stubborn 5 or 10 lbs
Then you introduce the ephedrine.

You wanna get down to like 10 to 12% BF on your own 1st

Of course there are other variables… if he is on gear… his age …is he doing a competition , his timeline etc.

An old but reportedly good (I’ve never used it) cutting stack was the Ephedra, Caffeine, Aspirin stack, otherwise called the ECA stack.

yes but you do it before a show when you are at 6% bf and you want a kick. Like clenbutherol… Not anywhere anytime…

I don’t know when one would use it. I’m just saying thats what it is.

i know what is it, but its just stupid as using clen at 15% bodyfat

ephredrine and all those shit should be use at the END of a cutting phase to get the last kick from the buck.

Well it appears that I took your question as an honest inquiry instead of rhetorically.