Ephedrine Cycling

Hey T-maggers, what’s up? I have a question in regards to ephedrine. I often read and/or hear that it must be cycled, many suggest a 1 month on/ 1 month off routine. I was wondering why? Starting in mid-January I want start my cutting cycle so I look good in late spring going into the summer. I was thinking about using ephedrine for 3-4 months straight, in conjunction with my usual diet and training to help cut me up. Would this be a bad idea? I’m sorry if this sounds like a no-brainer to some of you, I just really want to know if this is bad for you. I’ve heard conflicting opinions. Of course if this subject has been covered in another thread, please direct me to it. Thanks in advance!

I don’t think you need to cycle off after every month…at the same time, I wouldn’t take it for long periods (over 12 weeks) either. I do 5 days on, 2 days off.

I don’t have any biochem degrees or anything, but personally . . . . I notice that after two weeks the effects of the ephedrine start to level off. Like anything else, your body will develop a tolerance to always being in an excited state, and you’ll lose the desired effect. Besides, having your body constantly juiced up in fight or flight mode for too long isn’t good for the heart, that’s why stress can cause heart attacks in the long term. I like to cycle two weeks on one week off for maybe a month and a half . . . (I’m still hoarding my MD6, 2 bottles left!!!) It seems to work well.

You need to give your receptors time to rejuvenate, 5 days on 2 days off, then after 4 to 6 weeks give your body 2 weeks off.

Do you recommend that we do the 2 days off together, or sepearte during the week?

There are a few reasons to cycle ephedrine. For one thing, after a while your body will develop what can best be described as a “tolerance” to the drug; at the point it will be less effective.

However, it takes much longer for this to occur than most people realize. You can actually still get the thermogenic of an E/C stack long after you stop "feeling" the effects.

The main reason companies advise you to cycle off on the warning label is that "feeling." Many people will continue to up to dose in order to achieve the same feeling, which they mistakenly equate with thermogenisis.

For the purposes of your question, suffice it to say that you can use the EC stack at 5 days on, 2 days off for upwards of 3-4 months, and still achieve great results. Beyond that, it would be best to take at least a month off of any stimulants, to allow full recovery of your receptors.

Hope this helps.