Ephedrine consistency

Hey guys, this is for people who have used Ephedrine before. My main problem with ephedrine is the lack of consistancy I get with the product. What I mean is when I take the same amount some days I ffel a buzz and my body heats up. I can feel it working. Other days it feels like I haven’t even taken anything? Is this because of the quality of the product or do most people have this occurence? Any brands that anyone has tried that can cosistently give you the buzzed,warm feeling. I feel that if that happens I know its working and it help me get through my early morning classes at University. Any thoughts.
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You may have been using ephedra - the herb. That can be very inconsistent.

Yeah, I just got a bottle of ephedra and it doesn’t work nearly as well as the last one. What a waste of 10$. =(

I am looking at my bottle. It says Ephedrine chloride. Does this mean anything to you? What is the difference between ephedra and ephedrine? What is a consistent company for ephedrine? Thanks,
Oh yah it is made by Interactive nutrition, a Cnadian company.
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Are you taking it every day? Your body will get used to having it in your system. I take it in cycles, 2 days on and one off. Also i take in a 200 of caffine with the 50 of Ephedrine. (on my on days i will take this only twice a day, once in the morning and once more before 2 in the afternoon…any later and i just can’t sleep) I guess it all depends on your body but with what i take, i feel pretty juiced up!

Part of the reason for the problem is that many companies don’t standarize the ephedrine alkaloids in the pills. As a result, you will get some pills that are too weak and occassionally pills that are much too strong. The latter are the reason for the stories you here in the media where someone took “two pills” and felt their heart racing, saw demons, etc. You need to get a high quality standardized product. I use Dymetadrine Xtreme by AST, which has always been great for me. It keeps me energetic, focused, but not jittery. I’m sure there are other companies out there with decent stuff, but the only other brands I’ve tried have been pretty bad.

Thanks guuys. Maybe I will try the company you suggested. I do 2 days on 1 day off as well. Also I can;t be used to it all ready because I have only been taking it on the 2 days on 1 day of protocol for 1.5 weeks. The last time I took it before this was over a year ago. Someone mentioned taking in 50 grams. It was recommended to me to take in 25g at a time and on the bottle it says no more than 32 g a day.(which I figure is just a percaution so the company won;t get sued)