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Ephedrine & Caffiene

Hi all,

I’m thinking of taking Ephedrine and caffiene before my morning cardio sessions.

I’ve read that the efficacy of caffiene in pill form is far superior to the caffiene derived from coffee.

How much caffiene should I combine with ephedrine, given that I’ll be taking 30mg of the latter?


The ratio of Caffiene to Ephedrine for maximum synergy is 10:1. If your stomach will allow it throw in an asprin 325mg and a few drops of Sublingual yohimbine. See you on the moon.

20mg ephedra/ 200mg caffeine seems to be what most of the pre made thermogenic products on the market consist of. I would forget the aspirin though. I don’t believe it adds much to the thermogenic synergy of these compounds and the potential risk of stomach ulcers isn’t worth it in my opinion.