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Ephedrine/Caffeine/Sibutramine Stack

Hello guys, after many gym years and a quite good experience with clenbuterol, I’m on the verge of trying a new stack in order to loose some weights I gained after a few months without training (Not my decision sadly)

As for ephedrin/caffein which I’m already kinda experienced with I’ll just go with

20 mg of E and 200 mg of C in the morning
I may (wil certainly) up my E intake (20mg) once again at around 4 PM

My main question is about sibutramine.
I’ve read about it before buying so I know what it is and how it works but I’m still hesitant for the stack.

Should I take 15 mg of it every day with the E+C or should I use it during the “off” week I’m planning to take as soon as I sense a decrease in the stack ?

I’m planning to loose around 5 kilos for the first month with, of course, enough cardio and proper dieting

So you want to take a drug that’s too dangerous to sell in fucking Mexico because you want more help losing weight? Eat less, do more cardio. Stop being lazy and looking for the stupidest shortcuts available.


lol stay away

In fucking Mexico eh ?

That’s a nice intervention that I would have never know as an european the reason of its ban seemed to be weird