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Ephedrine/Caffeine Cycle

I’ve been researching an ephedrine caffeine cycle and just want some tips or advice before I make my decision. Some people say they have trouble sleeping and I was just concerned about this because I work super early and I already usually sleep four hours a night but then after work sleep another three. (I feel fine doing this been doing it a while) I’m just concerned that I might have trouble falling asleep again after work on the EC cycle even though I already drink a lot of coffee currently about sixfcups during work and still sleep fine after. (And I’d obviously not drink coffee anymore) And my other question is I’ve gotten up to 193lbs but I wanna keep building muscle I’ve just started to cut back on the carbs so I wouldn’t really say I’m truly ccutting just Tryna lean out a bit maybe like to around 180-185. So basically just wanna know how it’ll affect sleep, if it’s useful for me and if so what dose and cycle would work best.

It hasn’t affected my sleep. But be ready to have to force feed. The hunger suppression is real

Good to know thanks, any recommendations on dosages or cycle?

The standard is 25mg ephed/200caff 3x day. I know some people say if you tolerate it well you can move up to 40mg E. Mine comes in 12.5mg pills, 25mg didn’t hurt my sleep, BP or heart rate so I bumped up to 37.5mg and still goin strong. The general rule is 3 weeks on with a week off to upregulate your beta-receptors

The results are phenomenal. I’ve been doin keto, squeezing all my meals into an eight hour period(mostly peri workout) and with a healthy amount of sprinting and walking. I’m averaging 1.5-2% drops in bf a week and I’m still retaining my muscle and strength

Holy cow, what percentage did you start at?

To clarify, I’m only on my third week running, so those ridiculous drops might not continue. I’m on pace to be down “only” 1% this week haha. And I started at 15%