Ephedrine/Bronkaid Dosage

I’ve been taking an EC stack (ephedrine/caffeine…no aspirin) for about 3 weeks now. I take this stack 2-3 times a day atleast 4 hours apart. I’m using Bronkaid for the ephedrine and its 25mg ehpedrine sulfate per pill. I have read that with the sulfate form of ephedrine you actually get 1/3 less of actual ephedrine.

I’m wondering if I could break a Bronkaid pill in half so i can take 1.5 pills to raise the amount of ephedrine I get. Just wondering if thats safe to do with something like this, as its my first time using this kind of stack.

Aren’t you a little scared to take OTC asthma meds just to get ephedra? Why not just buy some ephedra?

Everywhere I’ve read Brokaid or Primatene was suggested as your best bet. Where would you even get ephedra in the US that wasn’t in some med???

You can’t find it on the internet? I don’t know about Bronkaid. Does it work? Either way I’d rather go to a chinese herb store and get some MaHuang and make some tea.