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Ephedrine + Birth Control

Searched the site and the internet couldnt find any info. Can anyone tell me if ephedrine can interfere with birth control pill effectivenes. The dose is 24mg 3 times a day

bump someone has gotta know

Ephedrine and similar compounds have not been shown to interfere with birth control pills’ effectiveness.

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No offense to the response, but hopefully you are not simply taking an anonymous poster’s word for it… The ramifications if he/she is wrong are pretty astounding…

It is doubtful that it would have an effect but consult a doctor, not an online forum… also at least ask for some substantive evidence to support claims like that if you choose to take online advice…

I am not saying he/she is wrong, but they could be.

True enough,

but alpha or beta-adrenergic compounds or those that mimic their effect are not counter-indicated with birth control pills.

But it remains that the listing of interactions does not containg these agents. And these are pretty easy to access even on non-restricted access websites.

I consulted DrDrugs and Drogology, pocket PC programs on pharmaceutical products and I am lucky enough to have access to various online textbooks/manuals on these topics a nd consulted the Compendium of Product and Specialties (CPS) (a Canadian edition of pharmaceutical products).

I am sorry, I didn’t find the question to be interesting enough (not complicated) to cite sources.

As for asking a health practitioner, a pharmacist would be more appropriate considering that most pharmacies have computer programs that check for pharmaceutical interactions.

No biggie…but its true, I could be a complete moron, these online forums are a filled with people who read the Mercola site for their medical information.


Very true and thanks for the input. I did exactly that, checked the list of substances that can reduce the drugs impact. However i thought i’d post the question on this site since most of the drugs and doses people on this forum take are out of the ordinary and may not be considered.